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Data Science and Actuarial Consultancy

Secure. Manage. Protect.

Make capacity concerns a thing of the past. We support MGAs with the tools and knowledge to retain capacity for the long-term. 

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Artificial Digital Actuary

Data insights with speed and efficiency

Streamlined access to comprehensive analysis.

It's time to say hello to Ada.

The benefits to you

Designed to unlock your full potential, Mulberry combines people and technology to help you successfully manage capacity.  

Benefits for the MGA


Free up time to focus on executing your growth strategies


Retain and attract capacity, preserving your MGA value

Establish you as market leader with superior underwriting performance

Benefits for Insurers


Data quality assurance and cleansing


Projection of ULRs and tracking against target


Aggregated view of ULR performance across a portfolio of MGAs

Break ULR records. Not the bank.


We have been in hundreds of capacity meetings. We know the secrets to their success.


Annualised GWP and growing


Policies across all class of business

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Hear from our clients

"It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Mulberry. OPC have had the benefit of Mulberry’s vast experience and exposure to the pet market. We have gained extensive MI from the quarterly feedback sessions around business intelligence.

In addition to that, the help with finding more competitive rates across the pet relativities has been invaluable whilst ensuring loss ratios remain within the required target.

Highly recommend Mulberry as a business partner."

Peter Thompson

Managing Director

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The benefits to you

Join us. It's simple.

Hassle free and straightforward, we eliminate the challenges of showcasing performance data with our cutting edge actuarial techniques for creating ULRs and communicating them to capacity partners.

Access all you need, whenever you require it.

Get in touch

It all starts with your first conversation with our team.

Create a plan

Together we create a path to match your vision. We look at who you want to target and focus on creating value with tailored distribution strategies, overcoming barriers that competitors struggle to conquer.




Maximise Underwriting Profitability

You are Ada ready - with actionable insights at your fingertips. But that is not the end, our team will be on hand every step of the way.

Ready to start a conversation?

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Cambridge Science Park

The Mulberry heart beats with innovation and technology at its core. Established in 1970 in Cambridge Science Park, this bustling hub is home to over 7000 people at more than 130 companies. From start-ups to leading technology firms, the park sprawls 152 acres, boasting state-of-the-art buildings, covering a staggering 1.9 million square feet.


Amidst this thriving ecosystem, Mulberry has carved out its niche, using cutting edge technology to help MGAs navigate the ever-evolving landscape of capacity management.

Latest News

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The Future of Actuarial Science

How AI is revolutionising the field of insurance

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. You might have noticed...


The MGA Book

'The MGA Book' excerpts

A series containing excerpts from David Hughes forthcoming publication.

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Capacity Sourcing

Mulberry Risk capacity sourcing

How Mulberry Risk can help MGA's and Brokers source capacity.

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