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We help MGAs Secure Capacity 

We support MGAs with the tools and knowledge

to demystify the dark arts of those meddlesome

company actuaries. 


Delivering peace of mind for the future security

of your MGA.

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Our MGA Accelerator Services



Forecast loss ratios, communicate with insurers and secure your future.


Scale your business with digital marketing, technology efficiency and advanced analytics.


Optimise your portfolio

to increase commissions, reduce expenses and get that Profit Commission.

Our Purpose

We are a boutique consultancy providing actuarial, analytical, and capacity management services to MGAs.


Our vision is to help them outperform incumbent insurers’ returns.

In pursuit of this vision, our mission is to partner with MGAs and deliver actuarial, analytical, and capacity management services, efficiently, and at an affordable price.

We built ourselves to be very different from the legacy of the actuarial consulting world. The old model uses a heavy headcount, can be slow to meet challenging client needs and relies too heavily upon a structure that in today's world is outdated.

We embrace technology and use it to create a scalable platform and solution that delivers high-end analysis, efficiently and effectively.

Every day, we help MGAs be better than insurers, supporting their agility with our innovation.


The Mulberries

Talk the talk. Walk the walk. Our small but perfectly formed team of Mulberries have well over 100 years combined experience of working with the London market. We work with MGAs and they account for more than 90% of our revenue. We even have experience of running an MGA. Our team and approach is recognised and appreciated by insurers.

1    David Hughes - CEO & Founder

9    Esmee Packer – Creative Lead

2    Juliet Hughes - Chief Revenue & Finance Officer

10   Victoria Moulson – Actuarial Analyst

3    Adam Reed – Non-Executive Chair

11   Isabelle Williams – Actuarial Lead

 Chris Tang – Chief Actuary

12    Oli Harrison – Technical Lead

5    Isaac Oldwood – Developer

13    Robert Mitchell – Actuarial Data Scientist

6    Samantha Allen – Executive Assistant

14    Sophie Taylor – Actuarial Analyst

7    Maria Baez – Actuarial Data Engineer

15    Margarita Kotlyarova – Actuarial Analyst

8    Josh Chandler – Head of Sales & Client Advocacy

16    Adeyinka Roy-Macauley – Senior Actuarial Analyst

17   Josh Garcia - Python Developer

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