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Profit Maximiser

Mulberry Risk is a boutique consultancy providing services that help MGAs succeed. ProfitMaximiser is our service focused solely on your MGA. It applies strategies and processes designed to increase your realised profit and wealth from the business. It is one of three 'pillars'* Mulberry Risk has identified to protect and maximise the sale value of an MGA.


It addresses strategic questions aimed at moving your MGA forwards, such as:


What is the end game for my MGA?

How can I make more profit from my operation without increasing footprint or expense?

How do I improve efficiency?

Should I expand into other territories?

What additional products should I add?

* CapacityProtector, GrowthAccelerator and ProfitMaximiser

Who is it for and why do they buy it?


ProfitMaximiser is for all sizes of MGA at different stages of the Mulberry Maturity Index. We help MGAs define strategy and build the key assets that are needed to facilitate successful growth. This unique service provides focus and a growth path to deliver your wealth targets.

Why Mulberry Risk

We have over 100 years combined experience of working with the London market, from both a broking and insurer viewpoint.

MGAs account for more than 90% of our revenue and we have experience of running our own MGA.

Our expert team combine disciplines across sales & marketing, actuarial, technology and insurance capital management to identify opportunities for you that more typically monoline consultants may not be able to spot.

Case Study

Our client had a nice line of business which ran extremely well for the capacity provider.

The MGA also wanted to develop a strong capacity solution with access to global reinsurance markets.

We helped the MGA develop a 5 year strategy which included setting up a captive insurance company solution to increase profit retention, but more importantly, develop the stages of building up the expertise and capital for a fully licensed carrier.