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And the winner is......

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We asked our in house resource to re-design our logo last week in support of Pride 2020.

But we ended up with four versions to choose from, which caused quite a lot of debate amongst the team (and at home!). My son, Felix had the rather smart idea of creating a competition, using a LinkedIn post to ask viewers to vote on which logo they preferred.

We also decided to donate £1 for every vote cast and donate this to our LGBT+ charity of choice, Just Like Us (Registered Charity 1165194).

Rather incredibly, more than 15,000 people saw the post in their feeds. And more than 150 voted for their favourite logo. The winner, by a landslide (above) is our official logo for the month of June.

We're very proud of our inclusive culture here at Mulberry and are having a video conference with the charity in the coming weeks so they can tell us more about how the donation will help empower young people to be role models championing LGBT+ equality at school and work. I will try to ensure this event is recorded so I can share it with you here.

A lot of us learned something too during our logo competition. We learned that each of the colours in the LGBT Pride flag have a beautiful and inspiring message for us:

RED: The colour in the top of the rainbow flag represents life.

ORANGE: Bright and bold! The second stripe in the flag stands for healing.

YELLOW: A message about being yourself instead of hiding in the shadows. The yellow stripe in the rainbow flag represents sunlight.

GREEN: As it does in so many other instances, green represents nature.

BLUE: When the flag changed from its original eight colours, the original turquoise and indigo stripes were replaced with blue, the cool and calm colour that stands for harmony and serenity.

VIOLET: Saving the best for last, violet supports the other colours and stands for spirit.

The author, David Hughes, is the founder and CEO of the Insurance Data & Analytics consulting business

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