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MGA Maturity Index

The MGA growth journey with helpful descriptors at each stage of development.


The Big Idea

0 years

I have an idea and the incentive to create an MGA.

The Journey Begins

0-3 years

I have a plan and seed investment. I am regulated under an umbrella arrangement.  I need systems and secure capacity.

Creating Lifestyle

3-5 years

My business is running well and I have the ability to grow earnings to give me a good income.

Building My Empire

5-7 years

I'm enjoying the lifestyle business. Many MGAs stop here. But I want to drive forward, building a bigger operation by adding new classes.

Going International

10+ years

I'm ready and willing to take the leap few other MGAs do. Either with the help of investors, a partnership, or from retained earnings.

Key MGA Assets

Insureds, clients, customers and key data held within your CRM system



Claims / pricing data, and underwriting expertise


Secure capacity and brand

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