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Meet Ada

Mission control for your underwriting performance.

Ada simplifies data analysis by providing all the tools necessary for in depth data examination. Say goodbye to disorganised data, with Ada’s user friendly interface simply upload your data and Ada will organise it into clear, concise graphs that are easy to understand.


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Stress free capacity


The world's most innovative MGAs don't settle for broken spreadsheets. They choose Ada.

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Data destress

Take the stress out of data with ADA’s truly automated data ingestion, validation and transformation.

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AI modelling

We use the speed and efficiency of machine learning and artificial intelligence to perform rapid and sophisticated modelling.

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Instant visualisation

Allowing you to ‘own’ your numbers. Ada translates data into consumable, actionable insights for easy interpretation.

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Actionable impact

Reduce both delay and friction in managing performance reports framework. Understand your ULRs before your carrier.

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Long term capacity confidence

Take action to improve performance as difficult conversations at renewal become a thing of the past.


Built for speed


Automated data ingestion and validation 

Steer underwriting results with precise, near real-time decisions

Quickly understand performance in more meaningful ways

Hear from our clients

"It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Mulberry. OPC have had the benefit of Mulberry’s vast experience and exposure to the pet market. We have gained extensive MI from the quarterly feedback sessions around business intelligence.

In addition to that, the help with finding more competitive rates across the pet relativities has been invaluable whilst ensuring loss ratios remain within the required target.

Highly recommend Mulberry as a business partner."

Peter Thompson

Managing Director

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Data uploads checked and validated.


MGA success team

There for you

Built, supported and continually developed by a top team of innovators in actuarial and data science modelling.


A suite of short and digestible e-learning videos at your fingertips.



Modelling and forecasting developed by experienced data scientists



Instant access to your dedicated success manager.

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Get information quickly and easily with the Mulberry Instant Chat


Break ULR records. Not the bank.


We have been in hundreds of capacity meetings. We know the secrets to their success.


Annualised GWP and growing


Policies across all class of business.

Ada was first

The Ada Lovelace story

When we set out to create an Artificial Digital Actuary, we knew we wanted to honour a pioneering figure in the field of computer science. That is why we named our innovative technology ‘Ada’, in honour of the brilliant English mathematician and writer, Ada Lovelace. 


Daughter of the celebrated poet Lord Byron, Ada is best known for her groundbreaking work on the Analytical Engine - Charles Babbage’s early general-purpose computer. She was one of the first to recognise that a machine could be used to perform complex calculations by following a simple set of instructions. 


She went on to publish the first algorithm to be processed by such a machine, laying the foundation for the development of modern computers. By naming our Artificial Digital Actuary after Ada, we pay tribute to her pioneering spirit and her contribution to the field of computer science.

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Capacity confidence in just 1 month

Modelling your data, we create a bespoke visualisation.

We take your data and create bespoke mapping for easy uploads.

You get actionable insights and a 360° view of your data.

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