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Growth Accelerator


MGA owners want to grow their business income. But selling and underwriting whilst still maintaining target loss ratios can be challenging.


GrowthAccelerator is one of 'three pillars'* Mulberry Risk has identified to protect and maximise the sale value of an MGA.

An MGA has resource constraints, marketing and advertising challenges, all overlaid with the continuous process of risk selection and pricing. GrowthAccelerator combines our wealth of analytical, marketing and portfolio management expertise to assess and enhance three key areas of your business:

How do you develop leads and turn these into opportunities and the ability to issue quotes?

Sales Funnel Management

How do you decide which risks to quote on and when to say no?

How do you monitor and influence conversion?

Our expertise can support you in building a marketing strategy, creating measurable digital content, as well as implementing and using your CRM system effectively.



Ensuring you are pricing to deliver profit, but also understanding if you are competitive or uncompetitive are key to growth. Many factors contribute to understanding pricing and a key work stream within our Growth Accelerator strategy is to:

Collect and manage data within your MGA

Enrich your data with our external data

Use advanced analytical and actuarial methods to understand pricing needs (both retail and technical)


Portfolio Optimisation

With an increase in opportunities coming your way, you need to price and select the business which meets both a risk balanced and profitable portfolio for your capacity. We combine our underwriting expertise at a portfolio level with both actuarial and analytical methods, using the latest affordable software to give you the tools you need to build that profitable portfolio:

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence

Dashboarding and timely Management Information

Learn more about how we helped Faversham Underwriting Here

* CapacityProtector, GrowthAccelerator and ProfitMaximiser

Turnaround Portfolio?

The long soft market has made making an underwriting profit challenging in many classes. But now is the time to take advantage of hardening rates, reducing capacity and a challenging underwriting environment.

The application of GrowthAccelerator to turnaround books speeds up return to profitability and strengthens existing capacity relationships (or if required, your search for fresh capacity).

Who is it for?

Mulberry Risk's GrowthAccelerator is focused on the UK MGA market, but can be transferred to the US, Australia and Canada. It proves most beneficial for MGA/Underwriting Agencies with one or more of the following issues:




Challenges with their book i.e. a turnaround book

The need for growth but difficulties in delivering this

New class(es) of business outside of current expertise

What does it deliver?

GrowthAccelerator used Mulberry Risk's deep market knowledge and expertise to help MGA's profitably grow their income. The approach combines analytical, marketing and portfolio management expertise to deliver effective sales funnel management, improved pricing and portfolio optimisation.

Why Mulberry Risk?

We have over 100 years combined experience of working with the London market on DUA facilities, from both a broking and insurer viewpoint.

We combine marketing, CRM, sales, actuarial, advanced analytics (machine learning) and BI consulting with our deep insurance expertise.

We work with MGAs and they account for more than 90% of our revenue. We have experience of running an MGA.

All at an affordable price.

Case Study & Testimonial

Our client, Faversham Underwriting, is an owner operated MGA supplying specialist products and services to insurance intermediaries throughout the UK.

To help accelerate growth, Faversham wanted support with creating digital marketing content that could measurably deliver increased brand awareness, customer engagement and website visits.

Following a structured scoping process, Mulberry Risk helped Faversham create a storyboard which was in turn used to design and deliver a unique, securely hosted, 45 second marketing video which was both interactive and measurable.

quotation-marks-pink reverse.png

    Mulberry Risk's marketing support has given us a unique digital asset that has already been used to great effect on platforms such as LinkedIn. The process was simple, effective and delivered professionally, but in an easy and relaxed manner.

It's a unique resource combining a natural and intimate understanding of the risk and insurance industry with a wealth of professional marketing, sales and digital content experience.

Mulberry Risk has really helped us enhance our sales and marketing activities, driving how we engage and connect with our clients and prospects.

Andy Poole - Commercial Director

Faversham Underwriting LTD

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