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Capacity Sourcing

Mulberry Risk capacity sourcing

How Mulberry Risk can help MGA's and Brokers source capacity.

By David Hughes

CEO & Founder

Are you a broker looking for capacity? We can help.

Our team has a proven approach and works with carriers including Munich and Swiss Re.

But how exactly? We have a unique three-step approach to unlocking capacity.

1. Data gathering and actuarial analysis

2. Story creation

3. Market strategy and interaction

We collect premium, claims and exposure information to create an actuarial analysis of your existing portfolio.

"The story is critical"

How will we deliver carrier profit? What fixes need to be made? How will we monitor progression of the book? 

We then work closely with our group broker Consilium to connect with niche markets that respect and respond to an actuarial approach.

"We get capacity interested!" 

If you are interested too, why not come and say hello! We would love to chat about how we can help you unlock capacity.

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