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Case Study

Corin Underwriting

Our client, Corin, is a Managing Director owned and operated MGA writing Casualty led risks. Corin wanted reassurance of their numbers in order to validate overall loss ratios and ProtectCapacity.
Mulberry Risk provided Corin with output to support their better than market loss ratios. Using benchmark data and Corin’s own statistics, a reliable and independent view of Ultimate Loss Ratios was produced. The detailed actuarial review investigated and reported upon:

Suitability of loss development factors
Selections of target loss ratios

Adequacy of large loss case reserves
Selection of attritional loss ratio
Selection of large loss load (and run off)
Determination of appropriate IBNR.

‘‘I would recommend Mulberry Risk to carry out any independent actuarial work. We have already engaged them to provide further services. Their regular updates and additional support ensure we operate as a true virtual insurer, matching the skills and expertise you would find in a high quality PRA regulated environment.”

Andy Hurrell - Managing Director  
Corin Underwriting Limited

Our output allowed Corin to present their numbers to the board and capacity providers with confidence.

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