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Our story

The Mulberry Risk journey so far...

When Mulberry was founded in 2017 the mission was to partner with MGAs and provide them with actuarial, analytical capacity management services. However, Mulberry knew that the traditional approach to actuarial consulting, with its heavy headcount and slow processes, would not be able to meet the demands of the market and evolving client needs. 


Determined to find a better way, Mulberry set out on a journey to build a new kind of actuarial consulting tool. They knew that technology would be key to their success, so they poured their resources into developing a scalable platform that could deliver effective solutions quickly.


Mulberry’s perseverance paid off and Ada was born. Mulberry was able to streamline the process of meeting clients’ needs and provide them with the support essential to success. 


Today, Mulberry continues to partner with MGAs, providing the best actuarial, analytical capacity management services on the market. Thanks to their innovative approach, Mulberry is one step closer to revolutionising the way actuarial consulting is done.

"We put the infrastructure and technology together to manage capacity, support MGAs and unleash that potential."

In the early days of Mulberry, we were seen as a traditional actuarial consultancy in a very niche area. Today, as the business grows into Insurtec, we look to automate actuarial provision of services.

Our team

Meet the Mulberries.

From technical support and data analysts to software developers and actuaries, take a moment to meet the team.

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Hear from our clients

"It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Mulberry. OPC have had the benefit of Mulberry’s vast experience and exposure to the pet market. We have gained extensive MI from the quarterly feedback sessions around business intelligence.

In addition to that, the help with finding more competitive rates across the pet relativities has been invaluable whilst ensuring loss ratios remain within the required target.

Highly recommend Mulberry as a business partner."

Peter Thompson

Managing Director - Scratch and Patch

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Our ethos

ESG goals

At group level, we are working with a leading ESG ratings & advisory consultancy to measure the sustainability factors and ethical impact of our business to create a clear roadmap towards ESG excellence.


Environmental Governance

Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance

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Our ethos

UN goals

We have a collective responsibility to ensure that insurance remains relevant. Mulberry CEO - David Hughes shares real insight into the United Nations Sustainability Goals and how you can make a difference by:


Understanding the role that Insurance can play

Choosing a goal to support in your business

Making a difference

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Our sponsor

Proud sponsors of the Cambridge University Women's Rugby Team

The women on this team have worked hard to attend the institution. The rugby team promotes confidence and encourages leadership - creating ambassadors to solve challenges that will impact future generations.

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We're part of a bigger community.

Designed to give MGAs access to actuaries, we do not simply rehash the same way of doing things. As part of global (re)insurance group Aventum, we have digitised towards Insurtec, incorporating the latest technology into our ideas on our mission to be one of the largest MGA providers in the world.

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